Long (01.13.09, 1:31 PM): Hey which place would be the best site to buy the Canon 40D

michael andrew (05.21.08, 9:02 PM): Used lenses are a little risky. Its better if you can see them in person, but I know BH has a good system for buying used equipment. Still, you never know how long it will last, or what it has been through. New is usually best (and it FEELS better too). :)

george (05.21.08, 2:05 PM): it kills me that the cameras are so close to price, yet i have to spend more than the body to get lenses. That's because i have no lenses and need to start from scratch. are used lenses ok to buy? like the onces i can buy on B&H?

michael andrew (05.21.08, 1:01 PM): Both are great cameras. The XSi is smaller and lighter. I think more than anything it would come down to budget.

george (05.21.08, 9:53 AM): which one would you suggest for the casual (vacation) user that wants nice pics with the ability to change the settings on the fly?