Kearstin (05.13.08, 7:48 AM): Warren and I are LOL! Great commentary on the movie!

michael andrew (05.10.08, 9:17 AM): yes!

Alexandra (05.10.08, 8:45 AM): Hi Michael quick camera question. Is the 580 EX Speedlite (not the 580 EX II) compatible with the 40D ?

Kjersti (05.10.08, 3:33 AM): As I was exiting Iron Man, I saw Jordan getting his tickets for Speed Racer. I told him thanks to this blog, I knew to stay through the credits. I wonder what his thoughts on Speed Racer will be. I'll have to ask him if I see him on Sunday. The little guy with him was having a really hard time holding the baby blanket. It almost looked like that is where the treats were hidden. Poor little guy :-)