Gary (04.28.08, 10:11 PM): What name are you listed under in FaceBook?

michael andrew (04.28.08, 6:42 PM): there should be a "website" or company tab on there. Add me as a friend on there if you like Gary, you can see where I put mine. PS- The XSi DVD WILL be ready, in about a am hoping. :)

Gary (04.28.08, 5:58 PM): WOW! The XSI Training is ready!!!!

Gary (04.28.08, 5:55 PM): I have a profile on FaceBook, where would you like me to place it?

Pete (04.28.08, 12:59 PM): Mike, I was at Brookwood Cameras the other day and they had several 30D training DVDs, but no 40D DVDs. You might want to contact them and see if you can put a few in the store there.

michael andrew (04.28.08, 11:14 AM): youd have to have a profile on facebook, or any other social network to do this. :)

Gary (04.28.08, 10:15 AM): Sure I'd help you out Michael, but I don't have a website. How do I post it on facebook so that it stays?