Kim (04.26.08, 12:09 AM): Is that Mariah's pool he's cleaning haha

Heather Odom (04.25.08, 10:06 PM): Your macro shots ALWAYS amaze me! I've tried and tried and can't ever get it right. I've just got to get you to show me hands on. Have a safe trip home and I hope you're not to terribly tired from the jet lag on the return. It's a kicker!

Tracy (04.25.08, 10:42 AM): Mike this last picture is awesome...ok well they all are but I could have done without seen a spider first thing in the morning! I'm glad you had such a great trip!

Maria (04.24.08, 7:38 PM): I love your blog! I can always count that I will NOT be bored with it. Your pictures never cease to amaze me. It's incredible. What raw talent you have. Keep it up!

Gary (04.24.08, 11:01 AM): Nice Macro shots Michael. Have a safe trip back home and can't wait for the new video's!!! Send the family the blog members love!!!

Kjersti (04.24.08, 4:12 AM): I love that you share the world you see through your camera lens, because it reminds me to take a closer look at the beauty that is all around me. Your dad is a cool guy! Hope you have a safe trip home and thank you & Mike for reminding me how nice it is not to spend all my time alone.