michael andrew (04.04.08, 8:17 PM): Hey Scott! It is normal to feel hand fatigue at the end of a 8 hour shoot. Im not sure how to avoid this, but yes I have noticed it too. As far as the Opteka Grip, yes, its interesting to me that not all the Canon grips are interchangeable, but I know that the 20D grips work on the 40D grips. The 10D grip was the only incompatible one I know of, I havent bothered to try it on my 30D. Good to hear from you!

Scott R (04.04.08, 6:20 PM): Me, again! Heather's comment about her wrists reminded me that, since we have the same rig for the most part, do your hands and wrists start to fatigue after shooting awhile, Michael? The camera itself isn't light, but in combination with our very sturdy Canon telephoto lens AND our batter grip and two batteries AND sometimes our flash unit. I find my hands start to ache much more than ever before. Any tips?

Scott R (04.04.08, 6:01 PM): Funny you should mention that. When I upgraded to the Canon 40D, I figured I'd be able to just use the same grip from my 10D. Wrong! Those clever buggers at Canon made sure they'd be able to ding us for what I consider to be a must-have accessory! I'm like you in that I tend so shy away from off-brand items, but this one looks pretty good. Oh, and you're so right about the "wow" factor. It shouldn't matter, but it does! It gives an air of professionalism that always gets comments. Too funny!

michael andrew (04.03.08, 10:02 PM): sweet heather! I am actually very interested in seeing this. I know it also has a built in charger. Talk with you soon!

Heather Odom (04.03.08, 9:32 PM): Ok....just bought it. I must be on a spending craze. I've had a some mad money set back for some new things and your description on this sold me. So, I bought it. With several weddings coming up, I need all the help I can get on my wrists. Plus, the WOW factor is always nice! I'll let you know what I think once I play around with it. Thanks for always offering great tips! And I'll be emailing you trying to get a set date on when I can work with you. :)