Guidefest (09.26.16, 9:25 AM): I agree 300% with this policy !!!! I am bored of not being able to see well a concert because of dozens of cell phones in front of me! More festivals should follow this path...

Aaron (09.14.13, 10:04 AM): Interesting. I wonder if the real intent is to increase picture taking? Taking pictures is how we remember that moment. Perhaps by telling people that they can't do it will increase the likelihood of them doing it and by doing so promote the event even more.

Doug Fulk (09.14.13, 7:48 AM): It's just going to keep getting harder to photograph and record events. I had to sweet talk security at Charlotte to get my camera in at a Panthers NFL game. Well, I did have a 70-200mm lens with a 2x extender. lol And I'm seeing new stadium rules this year where you have to have an approved small clear tote and tha'ts about all you are allowed in. As far as recording, what some of these performers don't realize is that's the joy we get from capturing the moment. If I thought in any way I was disturbing others around me or they asked me to stop I would happily comply.

Thomas (09.14.13, 6:41 AM): Einstein eluded to it when he said, you can either control your mind or it will control you. Everything that people have bought into as fact, ie, beliefs, pet peeves, are simply made up concepts. For those who are not in control of their minds it can create problems in our culture. Rules, standards, moral values are all made up. It's the unhealthy reactions which are a byproduct of forgetting the illusions of the mind. Examples of this in our culture, you hurt my feelings, what your doing is disturbing me - as in the case of this article.