Keith (01.10.18, 12:41 PM): Aloha Michael, Thank you so very much for your post and instructions on drying out a camera!! I live on the Big Island and shoot often in very wet, misty forest areas. On a day with extreme temp/humidity/elevation/precip changes, my camera became totally moisture locked. I followed all of your instructions over the course of a week, and my rig came back to life completely! Mahalo nui loa brah!

Maria G. (05.24.17, 10:05 AM): I'll give this a try, even though five days have passed since my Nikon D7100 camera got wet because of heavily pouring rain (it was in a sport bag, definitely not that waterresistant).

Kearstin (08.27.13, 12:55 AM): Oh my gosh, really? I thought we had agreed to forget that most ember easing moment ever. :)

Nathan H (08.26.13, 9:42 PM): I think there is better ways to clean your sensor! :D

Rory (08.26.13, 8:53 PM): You're a flippin GENIUS!!! Great work! Thank you for the info.