J. C. de Oliveira (08.01.13, 4:11 PM): Nice to hear that previous issues were fixed. Apple does seem to do quite a great job with their hardware. I have been expecting to write about a post you placed long ago, where a photographer got his lens stolen in Russia. Ever since I have been thinking about it (it is really not so hard to steal a lens from a camera body). I came up with an interesting setup. First and foremost, I use the BlackRapid system. I love it! Now, considering that the lens gets even more exposed in that setup, one can acquire an extra BlackRapid bolt (FastenR3) attach it to the lens tripod colar and have a small security cable linking the lens bolt to the camera bolt (somewhat like you did as a safety link for the camera in your Maven pole adapter). That would make it a whole lot tougher for someone to detach the lens from the camera body, enhancing the safety against robbers. Keep up the great work!