michael andrew (04.05.08, 7:56 PM): Hi Fred! So glad you liked it. Thank you for posting on my blog, it always helps for others to hear how it has helped. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Fred Watson (04.05.08, 3:41 PM): Saw a reccomendation for the dvd on the Canon forum in dpreview. Have since bought the dvd and find it most helpful

michael andrew (03.27.08, 1:40 AM): PS- Thanks for letting me know how you found me! Thats good information!

michael andrew (03.27.08, 1:39 AM): Thank you so much for the very kind comments Karen. I am glad you have enjoyed the DVD. I tried to put everything I could think of on there that would help. It is a very interesting experience for me to now worry about marketing it, but I am learning a lot. I wish you all the success you could ever desire with your 40D. :)

Karen (40Diva) (03.26.08, 7:48 PM): Just as a marketing FYI: I came across the Crash Course DVD on Ebay while searching for 40D stuff. Via Ebay I went to your website, analyzed it to death... the blog, pics, school, your skill, style... everything. Bought the DVD from your site not ebay. The DVD is good. It did exactly what I hoped it would... It helped ease the slightly intimidating "get to know ya" process of my 40D. After all, I shot with a canon program AE for 20 years and a little canon powershot A40 was my first and only other digital. So this 40D was quite a jump! Anyway, I found the DVD and all the perks of your website via Ebay. And I joined the forum tonight! Good luck with the DVD and Keep up the good work!

Alexandra (03.24.08, 1:14 PM): Hope you had a Happy Easter! I have a friend who is in the business of mass production of cds and dvds (used by many of the larger record labels) so maybe this will come in handy when you are ready to hit the retail stores. I know that the Dallas/Fort Worth area could use your DVD. None of the Wolf (Ritz) Camera stores cary a DVD like yours for the Canon 40D YET, so maybe you can hit them up soon and be the first. They have the dvds for the Rebel XTI and other cameras but NOT the Canon 40D.

Tracy (03.24.08, 8:59 AM): Great ramble Mike, you made some great points especially at the end. At the risk of sounding condesending...I'm so proud of all you have accomplished in such a short time. (I may have to email you to pick your brain on less expensive camera choices.)