frank (03.26.08, 11:57 AM): Very interested in your 10 person mentorship school!!! just bought the canon 40d about a week ago, please let me know if you still have room, thanks!!!

Alexandra (03.22.08, 4:16 PM): Me...Me...Me..!

michael andrew (03.21.08, 8:24 PM): thank you Enrique!

Enrique (03.21.08, 6:13 PM): Hi Everyone, I'm Enrique and I just wanted to let everybody in this blog know that I'm one of Michael students, I'm a beginner photographer, and Michael's Photography school has helped me a lot. think about it as a private photography school, it is so personalized that it is really easy to learn, Michael will give you feedback on your homework which is awesome. think about it, you are learning from a professional photographer just go to his site an look at his work, and getting to learn from a professional like him... He will be following your work very closely and helping you improve your technic. If you are really interested in photography. this is the right place to start. Thank you Michael.

michael andrew (03.21.08, 4:18 PM): Hey Cheyenne- Have fun on your shoot! As far as the mentorships go, I am not committing to doing any more than the original 10 for now, it takes a lot of time. I am just testing the waters to see how it goes. I am also trying to figure out the best way to make the process more automated and hopefully get some feedback from students to learn how the system can be improved.

Cheyenne (03.21.08, 4:07 PM): Oh, I missed the whole point of my original comment...I like the mentorship idea but not this time around. How often each year will you offer it?

Cheyenne (03.21.08, 4:05 PM): Your ideas never cease to amaze me. From Brag Tags to pearls, huh? Word on the street is you're moving to Arizona. What the heck? I'm taking Olivia on a photo shoot tomorrow and I'm going to post the pictures on my blog. I want you to look at them and give me your honest (but kind) opinion.

Terrence Bibb (03.21.08, 3:52 PM): I am interested send info

michael andrew (03.21.08, 1:47 AM): ps- there are only 8 mentorships left.