michael andrew (03.16.08, 5:20 PM): Hi Laurie- All the information on the Digital Photography Crash Course is on the canon 40d DVD, so you really only need the one. Shipping to Canada is the same as in the US $4.95, it just takes a few extra days. Email me if you need to!

Laurie (03.15.08, 8:49 PM): Hi Michael....I would like both DVDs, I am in Canada.....just wondering about shipping.

michael andrew (03.15.08, 7:36 PM): Hi Jose! Yes I can! Just make sure you can watch NTSC DVDs!

Jose Luis (03.15.08, 5:32 PM): Hi, I want one, but ┬┐can you sent it to México? please tell me.

Michael (03.09.08, 8:11 PM): Great work on the video, Mike!!! You do such a great job of illustrating principles and putting things in terms that I understand after hearing it just once. Really good job!

Alexandra (03.09.08, 3:33 PM): I give it 5 stars too! I've learned so much.