juliette (01.25.13, 2:54 PM): photo made me feel a sense of tranquility

Michael Andrew (01.25.13, 1:19 AM): Yes, in fact several images from each finalist group will be disqualified for breaking this rule.

Dusica (01.24.13, 11:13 AM): Chris, if that's the case, many more finalists should be disqualified... Drag the images to images.google.com and see for yourself...

Chris (01.23.13, 12:35 AM): @Dusica I thought the rule was it couldn't have been entered in a contest, not whether or not it won an award. I think it's unfair to those of us who had entered in other contests, didn't win, but still didn't enter a photo because of the rule.

Brian Pflanz (01.22.13, 9:47 AM): Well, I did not make this round but to be honest, I never had a chance! Some of these photos are Awesome!! Congrats to the finalists!!

Dusica (01.22.13, 6:52 AM): I won the award after I have already sent the photo to Michael... And I didn't expect to make it to the finalists, considering the competition in this category.

HayL (01.21.13, 10:31 AM): Didn't make it but congratulations to everyone else.

Luis Portelles (01.21.13, 9:48 AM): Can you please check this link... another finalist breaking the rule... http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/apoy/539234/apoy-2012-results-round-eight-wildlife-at-home-or-abroad

Diane (01.20.13, 6:38 PM): Do we start voting from here or will be be making another selection with less entries?