Lori (12.31.12, 8:45 PM): I got a Nikon D600 for Christmas. I haven't had a good camera for 25 years. I can't wait to learn all it can do - things have changed!

Nick (12.31.12, 8:17 AM): I bought a 5DmkIII and a Canon 40mm f/2.8 a month before Christmas I couldn't wait. I got a battery grip from my wife for Christmas.

David (12.31.12, 12:12 AM): Canon T4i with EF-S 18-135 IS STM lens -- wow! Now, if Santa had only included your T4i Crash Course.......

Erin m (12.30.12, 10:13 AM): My hubby bought me a Manfrotto tripod with a Sirius k-20x ball head. I didn't even tell him I wanted one, because I wanted to pick out my own, but he did amazing! I love it. It's perfect. He must have known to shop for that, because I complain every time I used my old one haha.

Susan Goodman (12.30.12, 12:11 AM): My wonderful husband bought me the Canon Rebel T4i. I am so excited but a bit a little intimidated. I bought and already watched your Crash Course and now feel like I will be able to master this camera some day. I am a visual learner and your video was exactly what I needed to encourage me to use my new camera to it's potential. Thank you so much for making these videos, you have a great teaching method and I have learned so much already. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the New Year !! Cheers !!

Michael Andrew (12.29.12, 5:15 AM): I just LOVE to hear about what camera gear people got for Christmas. It makes me happy for some reason!

Larry Weber (12.29.12, 1:24 AM): bought a used T1i and ordered your crash course dvd and online download. Just wanna say I like your instruction technique... Thank you very much

Steve (12.28.12, 2:26 PM): New 5DIII and 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Zoom Lens. Also got a Speedlite 600EX-RT but may return it for a 580 off of Ebay.

Sue Williams (12.28.12, 12:51 PM): Hi Michael...I hope you had an awesome Christmas! I must say, mine was awesome! I'm new to what you might say to the real world of photography! I've always loved taking photos of everything and everyone. The family runs from me when I come around with my camera! Lol. It's funny tho...they also are always asking if I still have the pics from Christmas' past! Now that I have my Canon 7D...which I just absolutely love, I can begin to enter into this amazing journey of photography with style. I am so excited...I have a new manfrotto tripod, and ball head...the 430 XL 11, Canon remote control, a new Apple computer for storing my photos, Lightroom 4, and last but not least, your Crash Course for the Cannon 7D. Thank you Michael, I look forward to it all! God bless! Susie Williams

Dan Vincent (12.28.12, 7:28 AM): Michael, I bought myself your Photography Business Crash Course for Christmas. I have enjoyed and learned from several of your other DVD's and could not pass up the great deal you offered. I look forward to watching it soon. Keep up the great work, I refer many people to your site and your DVD's. Many thanks! Dan Vincent

courtneys (12.27.12, 3:14 PM): my husband gave me a 70-200mm IS II lens for Christmas!!! he ordered it from fumfie.com and they called our house and left a message saying they wanted to speak to him about the Canon 70-200 lens and I WAS THE ONE THAT GOT THE MESSAGE! they called trying to sell lens filters...he was not happy :(

Jack (12.26.12, 3:15 PM): I got many photography goodies this yr. got a gift card, Nikon 35mm F1.4 & ND filters. Best Xmas ever. Santa have been very good to me. Lol. Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone. Ps. Thank you Michael for the amazing job you are doing. I check your blog almost everyday.

Steve Morovek (12.26.12, 1:13 PM): I bought Allison the t4i.

Jason Young (12.26.12, 10:20 AM): I got a Goja filter kit, Lighting Crash Course and Advanced Photography Techniques. Can't wait to watch, learn and use it all!

Randy (12.26.12, 10:11 AM): A new 5DIII, not sure a 6D would have not been a better choice for me. Thanks for your blog!

Brian Pflanz (12.26.12, 9:58 AM): I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of the Canon "Long Live Imagination" contest and got a gift certificate to Canon. I just got my 85mm 1.8 USM lens and a 320EX flash and they are both awesome!! Thank you Canon and I cannot wait to see the films!! (my photo of a boat alone on the water was picked by James Murphy)

Steve Bennett (12.26.12, 9:55 AM): I got a grip for my Canon 7D, a backup battery pack to attach to my Canon Speedlite on long shoots, a "burrito" lens wrap, and a tumblers mug that looks exactly like a Canon 70-200 lens. The switches even work on it.

Big Ben (12.26.12, 6:50 AM): Gave a Canon T3i w/ 3 lenses to a beginning photographer.

corey (12.26.12, 3:58 AM): I bought a Canon 6D for myself.

Andy (12.25.12, 11:54 PM): I gave a few filter as presents this year, No camera stuff for me, but made calendars, and books from my photos!

Larry Weber (12.25.12, 11:45 PM): Just purchased a used Canon T1i, had a rebel 35 mm, so already had some lenses, I just purchased your crash course dvd and download. Thank you very much I think you are an excellent teacher I like you style. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas.

George (12.25.12, 8:12 PM): Canon 7D with Canon 24 - 105mm F/4 L IS Lens.

Kinfolk (12.25.12, 5:38 PM): Merry Christmas! I didn't get any camera gear but I gave one: http://www.toys4boys.pl/kubek-obiektyw-classic-item2961.html This is a cup lense ;) and I gave it to my father.

Babak (12.25.12, 4:58 PM): My wife got me a Canon 50mm f/1.4 Did you get any photography equipment, or you have them all already? lol!

Brett (12.25.12, 4:35 PM): So far a new tripod and gift cards for other camera gear!! Merry Christmas to you as well!! Thanks for all you do, would be a honor to meet you.