Laurie (03.15.08, 8:42 PM): Thanks Michael !

michael andrew (03.15.08, 7:34 PM): take some Rain-x, follow directions to apply on the window, get bottle of water in a spray container, spray it on!

Laurie (03.15.08, 12:55 PM): Hello. I have never heard of this stuff...looks interesting. How did you use it for this shot ??? Its very cool.

Tracy (03.12.08, 9:14 PM): By the way I love that you can see the maple leaf in all the droplets. Very cool.

Tracy (03.12.08, 9:12 PM): Mike, I've used it since high school, we used to use it on all of my parents delivery trucks. It's amazing.

Lee Potter (03.12.08, 7:12 PM): I use it every time I detail my car (4 times a year). I rarely use my wipers.

Elizabeth (03.12.08, 12:47 PM): A friend of mine was really nice once and washed my car for me and waxed everything, including the windows, and it got that effect. Pretty neat, I think.

kim (03.12.08, 10:46 AM): i've used rainx since like 2000 I love the stuff whenever I actually have the time to put it on, they have some for your whole car too but I've never done that. It is great cause I hardly ever have to use my windshield wipers even in pouring rain cause it just slides right off :()