Michael Andrew (12.30.12, 11:36 PM): @Corey- Correct- The nominees are selected, we are just finalizing this draft of the player. The auto play was causing page load issues. There will be a volume slider in the future, but the next version will have a mute button.

Cory (12.30.12, 4:46 AM): Excellent changes being made to the player. Auto play and no mute were frustrating. Can't wait for the next set of nominees! Got them all ready and waiting for when the players up and ready?!

Michael Andrew (12.29.12, 5:17 AM): @Mona- As long as it takes! I know the new version shouldnt auto play, will use iframes for greater compatibility and will also have a mute button for the music. I expect to have the next show read within the next couple days.

Mona (12.28.12, 11:35 PM): Where did the contest go?? how long will it take to fix the "glitch?"

MIchael Andrew (12.20.12, 2:29 AM): Oh- are you not checking the main blog? (www.michaelthemaven.com) We have already posted the nominees of the first 2 categories, Sports and Macro- The 3rd, landscape should be posted soon. Thanks!

Eugen (12.19.12, 9:56 PM): Hello. The year is almost over. The end of the world is near. :)) What about the results?

Me (12.11.12, 5:19 PM): any update ??

MIchael Andrew (12.07.12, 2:32 AM): Results coming soon! Still judging!

Jeremias (12.06.12, 5:49 PM): Hi ! When will we know the results of the contest ?! I haven't received any further e-mails !! Thanks.

Anton (12.05.12, 4:14 AM): any progress on competition judging? it would be good for some announcement to be made already, I think

me (11.29.12, 4:59 PM): When will you start posting ?

Cory (11.29.12, 12:36 AM): hey guys! any update on the contest yet? im real excited

Adisa (11.28.12, 9:21 PM): hi! I just saw the contest and the website!!! due date was 15th of November, right? that is such a pity, but just wanted to make sure....

Gabriela (11.27.12, 10:07 AM): When the voting process will start?

Rory (11.17.12, 7:45 PM): Hello! Thank you for hosting such an awesome contest! I have looked all over the contest page and cannot find any timeline for the judging or winner's announcements. Can you please post? Thank you so much!

Alexey Muzychenko (11.15.12, 8:22 AM): Last year you send confirmation email after submission. I did not get email confirmation this time. Do send confirmation email this year?

Jo (11.15.12, 1:49 AM): http://imyoursolemate.blogspot.com/2012/11/michaels-4th-annual-world-wide.html

Maggie Rodriguez (11.14.12, 10:58 PM): I just realized that two of the pictures I sent were too large. Can I resend them?

Joyce (11.13.12, 9:29 PM): I know the rules say that 2 photos submitted in a category should be sent in one email. I have already sent in one photo taken during contest period and I have taken more since. Can I send in another photo in the same category before the contest ends? Thank you.

Tabitha Guarnieri (11.13.12, 7:54 PM): I'm SO Sorry!!! I forgot to attach my photo to one of the categories I sent!!! I hope you won't disqualify it if I send the email again

Alit Susanta (11.13.12, 2:27 AM): Dear Sir. Sorry I had a mistake in sending the photo to the Macro category ... File photos from the period September 2011-2012 and 2012 september-november 2012 respectively I sent to a different email ... Can I resend the email to be in one email. Thank you

Trang Do (11.12.12, 7:03 PM): Hi Micheal, when will you announce the results of this contest? Thanks!


Justin Haghbin (11.11.12, 4:24 PM): http://paradivedotme.wordpress.com/?p=76&preview=true

MAGDALENA (11.10.12, 5:02 PM): Is it for any nationality?

Andreea Melania (11.10.12, 10:42 AM): I send you an another email, and i send you the wrong images. I made an mistake. I send a photo from last year contest. And now i send another mail, with other 2 images.

RAFAEL SANT ANNA (11.10.12, 9:20 AM): http://lowtidephotos.photographyblogsites.com/?p=343 word is out all the way to Brazil my friend. see you in HI for the workshop.

Livi (11.09.12, 5:59 AM): Michael can i enter even if i don't live in the Us? and is it ok if some of my pictures were taken in Hawaii?

abhijt dey (11.08.12, 9:15 PM): dear Michael, It is unexpected trouble to me that i bought my NIKON D-7000 CAMERA on November 2011. but unfortunately i discovered today that i didn't set the date and time on that time. so , i fall in the problem. it shows my last(OCT-2012) month photography as 2010 was taken. i snapped at evening , it shows at morning. after viewing your site , i truly disappointed. can i participate in your esteemed photo contest with this problem?. i am not telling lie. but with the other cameras photographs of mine (like D-90, D-300) it's OK. thanking you, waiting for your reply. sincerely yours Abhijit Dey (EFIAP)

Vinnie (11.08.12, 7:40 PM): Michael could a picture of a classic car be classified as a Portrait

Corey Johnston (11.08.12, 6:07 PM): http://www.purephotos.co/michael-andrew-photography-contest/

Tabitha (11.07.12, 10:20 PM): sorry, one more question I forgot to ask. any activities in boating (tubing, kneeboarding, etc.)... would those count for sports? even if it's non-competitive? thanks

Tabitha (11.07.12, 10:13 PM): I just have a question about the Portraits category... would self portraits count?

Anton (11.07.12, 4:14 AM): http://anton.averin.pro/2012/11/07/michael-the-mavens-2012-international-photography-contest/

Partha (11.05.12, 9:38 PM): Hi Michael, Will pictures of temples fall under the landscape category?

Michael Andrew (11.05.12, 9:01 PM): @ Mike Pettrey- No. You will typically only receive the first one, perhaps 2.

Mike Pettrey (11.05.12, 2:45 PM): Will we receive a confirmation email for each category submitted?

alinda lord (11.03.12, 8:46 PM): Michael, when are the judges' decisions going to be announced? Thanks.

Michael Andrew (11.02.12, 1:25 AM): @ Daryl- Yes. @Ula- It will be a Landscape Category @Yash- Yes. @Nguyen- You may submit only one if you like. If you want to send a second after the fact, that is ok too, just dont send us 3. ;)

Nguyen Hiep (10.30.12, 9:29 PM): seems like I've violation, because i only send one photo(instead of 2).Can I submit again?

Yash (10.29.12, 2:00 AM): I wanted to inquire if this competiton is open to all..i.e residents of all countries.?

ula (10.28.12, 1:23 PM): oh, and one more question, I am confused, because I am not sure to which of the categories I can submit my photography, If i submit photography to wrong category,, you will delete it?

Ula (10.28.12, 1:11 PM): Hi, I want to ask about Cityscape, it can be space? like a room or something like that? or only landscapes?

Daryl Harrison (10.27.12, 7:14 PM): it notes in rule #3 that "up to" 2 photo's can be entered, i'm quite sure i sent you only one for the portraits category. Considering your rules states up to, does this mean i am still entered.

Michael Andrew (10.12.12, 1:29 AM): @Kimberly- Yes, 2 per category. It is stated in the Rules (#3). @Cary- I emailed you directly. @Karlie- Yes, you will get an email for the 1st submission. @Sarah-It must be within one year of the start date (Sept 15, 2012) @Aviram- 2 per category, please read the rules carefully. @Chris- Again, please read the rules carefully. 1 year = ok, more not ok. Thanks!

Kimberly (10.11.12, 11:02 PM): Micheal, I was reading something and it seemed to say you can submit 2 photos PER category? Or just 2 photos but they both must be in 1 category?

Cary Di Buono (10.08.12, 10:46 PM): Hi Michael, I'm sorry, I submited two categories and I did not use the dash betwen my Name and Last Name in the files, when I looked the e-mails I saw the symbol % in them, can I send them again?, thank you

Karlie Duncan (10.07.12, 5:44 PM): How will we know when our picture was submitted? Will we get an email that says it has been entered or is there nothing? Thanks!

Sarah (10.07.12, 12:02 AM): Would I be allowed to submit a photo taken in July of 2011?

Aviram (10.06.12, 10:37 PM): Hi Michael, It is possible to send only one photo to one of the category's ? Thank's Aviram

CHRIS (10.03.12, 5:26 PM): Hi Michael, i have some images i wanted to submit, however because i have recently edited them they are showing october date 2012, although the picture were taken at the end of august 2012, would these be disqualified? or is there something i could do to prove when the images were taken?

MIchael Andrew (10.01.12, 4:54 PM): @ Luis- I think if both are taken during the contest time, its ok. Id like to stick to the only one before the contest dates of Sept 15-Nov 15 though. Choose your very best image and you should be good. @M- International is Worldwide @Sarah- The judges score based on their own preferences so its hard to say. I look for compositional elements and originality. Every year we have 4-5 entries of Sun Flowers, almost the same shot. None of these make it to the next stage. Portraits are typically images where a person is the main subject. People can be in abstract, sports, macro, etc without being portraits. There is some overlap, but it typically depends on what is being presented as the subject of the image. Please do your best, if we feel it is not correct, we will make the change. Best wishes!

Sarah Meacham (10.01.12, 1:03 AM): Follow up to my questions from earlier. Here is another example. Could a picture of a flower be considered an abstract/texture image or would it have to go under nature/landscapes? I feel like it could be either depending on the style. I'm sorry for flooding you with questions. I just want to be able to be sure I thoroughly understand the rules and expectations. Thank you. :)

Sarah Meacham (09.30.12, 8:04 PM): Another question, can abstract/texture images include people? I just want to make sure I submit to correct categories. What I consider an abstract/texture photo, someone else might consider a portrait. Finally, if some information could be included on what is being looked at for judging criteria that would be very helpful. Thanks! :)

Sarah Meacham (09.30.12, 8:00 PM): I have a question regarding categories. Because I am just getting started pursuing my interest in photography I am wondering if any photo with a person in it counts as a portrait. For example, if there is an image that I might consider a nature/landscape photo that also happens to include a person does this need to be submitted under the portrait category? Thank you.

Mi (09.30.12, 3:24 AM): is this competition open to worldwide or specific countries only?

Luis (09.29.12, 9:21 AM): Gooday, Michael! I have a question concerning the dates of the contest. When you first announced the upcoming contest (July 15) and mentioned some of the possible categories for this year I started brainstorming on what to shoot, I am sure many people started shooting from that day too; which is the aim of the contest. I took an abstract shot, which I have already submitted on September 14. When I noticed that I can not submit an image taken in December last year into the same category, sort of made me sad. Could a certain gap of time flexibility be given before September 15 so certain images would be elegible? Thank you very much for your understanding. Luis.

Michael Andrew (09.28.12, 1:39 AM): @ Kelsy- Yes, Yes. @Jessica- If you are making money on it, then I would consider you a Pro. If you are not making money on it, then you aren't. Its an honor rule. Best wishes!

Jessica Mitchell (09.27.12, 4:21 PM): Hi! I am a recent Photography student graduate, which would make me a professional I suppose , haha weird to think. Anyways my question was, I am not 100% sure what I want to specialize in, would I be able to enter in all categories in that case? Thanks!!

Kelsey (09.27.12, 3:43 PM): Sorry..another question...I was wondering if you can enter a photo that is semi colour, semi b&w? Thanks

Kelsey (09.27.12, 3:33 PM): Hi I was just wondering are we able to enter more than one category?

MIchael Andrew (09.24.12, 5:12 PM): @Serkan- The last numbers can be anything, such as the image number. Its not too important. @Steve- I think that is reasonable, if both are from the period of the contest, that is fine. Thanks!

Steve (09.23.12, 9:15 PM): Michael - thanks for offering this again. I know the rules clearly state one photo from last year and one from the next few weeks, but what if I have 2 good photos from the last few weeks? If the goal is to get people out shooting, I'm hopeful we can send the 2 in from the latter period. Let me/us know. Thanks again!

AVIJIT ROY (09.22.12, 9:07 AM): World through this Photography contest

serkan (09.22.12, 2:31 AM): Michael i understood everything but please help about file name: "Macro-2012-Michael-Andrew-4562.jpg it s ok but what is the last number ''4562'' ?

Tyanna (09.19.12, 8:36 PM): Am i allowed to have a quote on my picture

Michael Andrew (09.18.12, 1:44 PM): @Jaime- Sorry, only one from before Sept 15. @Dyan- Just the picture is plenty, if we need more info we will let you know. @Connie- mavencontest2012@gmail.com @Chung- Yes, all countries, 2- It may be too long. @Anna- Editing Yes, Heavy Compositing (multiple images) no) @ Heather - It depends on the program you are using, so I cant really give quick easy instructions on it. However Youtube is filled with videos for nearly every program out there. Search for "Image Resize" with the name of the program you use. Best wishes! ~m

Heather Glynn (09.18.12, 12:51 PM): Micheal, I was wondering if you could explain to me how I can downsize a photo so it will be excepted in the contest. Most of my photo's are 3650 X 3650 and seem to big for any contests I have attempted to enter. I'm confused by the sizing process. Thanks in advance. Ms. Glynn

anna (09.18.12, 7:58 AM): Sorry just double check photo manipulation is not allowed?

Chung (09.18.12, 7:30 AM): Hi Michael, I have 2 questions - 1. Is this contest open to all countries? 2. When we name a photo, can we add some info., like place taken? For ex: Landscape-2012-Chung-SunsetAtKuta-Bali. Is that too long?

connie (09.18.12, 7:30 AM): where can i send the photos?

Dyan (09.18.12, 7:19 AM): Do you need all the EXIF data or only the Copyright is enough? I usually don't give out all of it....but if you need it then I will. Thanks.

Dana (09.18.12, 4:55 AM): Shared the promotion image on my home page http://danakatephotography.wordpress.com/

Jaime Rivera (09.17.12, 4:30 AM): Hi Michael, i would like to enter 2 photographs to your portrait category contest. My question is, I shoot the photos Sept 14, a day before your contest date of Sept 15, will it be accepted if I send it for the contest?

Michael Andrew (09.17.12, 12:55 AM): @Richard - Yes water marks and titles are allowed, however sometimes they can distract, and I prefer not to know who it is when i judge. If I know the photographer, I have a tendency to lower their score just a little to be on the safe side. I know that sounds terrible, but I dont want to be biased.

Richard Lee (09.16.12, 9:32 PM): Nice hair cut! It's perfect for diving. One question. Are text allowed on the photo? (ie. signature watermarks, theme title to make the photo more interest)

MIchael Andrew (09.16.12, 3:46 PM): Hi C! Yes it is- Congratulations! You are the first! It seems we dont have many people entering beyond the "share" and "like"so if you have done all 6 ways you have greatly improved your chances of winning! Thank you for your support!

Cecily Healy (09.16.12, 3:17 PM): Hi-- Is this the contest announcement page? I wasn't sure if this is where I post a link to my blog which has a link back to this page?? (6th way to enter!) thank you!

Cecily Healy (09.16.12, 11:01 AM): http://cecilyhealy.blogspot.com/2012/09/photography-contest-getting-ready.html

Max (DigiMax) (09.15.12, 9:07 PM): Great prizes! Wish there was a photo-manipulation category. Oh well, will try my best with photos. There were some really awesome shots last year. Best of luck to everyone!!!

Michael Andrew (09.15.12, 7:07 PM): City(scapes) will fall under landscape. What I would recommend is if you are unsure, make your best guess on the category and we will adjust it if needed. Thanks!

Kelly Kardos (09.15.12, 10:02 AM): 1st off-very sexy haircut! I love a purty bald head! 2nd-I'm so excited to actually enter this year-3rd-great prizes Michael. Wow. Very impressive. Thanks again for all u do.

Luis Portelles (09.15.12, 8:27 AM): I was wondering about architecture and street photography... there is no category suitable for them. Do photographs previously sent to other contests, but didn't place and which are not pending for a decision, qualify? I know organizing this contest on a yearly basis is a great effort, however, I wanted to share these thoughts. Have a great day!