Jim (07.01.14, 5:09 PM): Compelling case for upgrading. Thanks for giving me something more to think about. I may still wait for the next upgrade and then pounce.

Sven (12.30.12, 4:38 PM): Thank you for letting me know. I had the same idea, about the cameras. I have no idea, why people absolutely need a Full Frame for Portrait photos. I do However understand why one would use a FullFrame 5D over 7D when it comes to WideAngle Photos in low light. So if you change the reason: Portrait photo, to Landscape photography in low light; it would be spon on.

Jason C Mavrovitis (09.22.12, 6:30 PM): Thank you for your insights. YOur videos taught me the basics for my 7D? I'll pass on the 5D upgrade for now, and buy more and better glass .

Abraham (03.28.12, 5:06 PM): I'm following your business advice from your business DVD, and upgrading from the Mark II to the Mark III just is not going to translate into more money for me. I'm a wedding photographer and essentially, the Mark II is good enough for my brides and grooms.

Matt (03.27.12, 6:27 PM): Mike, your hair is getting out of control a little!