berry (03.04.12, 2:44 PM): Thank you Michael. I just ordered one from Best Buy. I have been waiting for this camera for two years.

Michael Andrew (03.04.12, 1:39 AM): @ Barry- Hard to say until we can do some side by side comparisions, my guess tho is: Doubtful. While I am sure the D800 is an excellent camera, more pixels does not translate into "better images", in fact, fewer pixels per square millimeter typically translate into more accurate color sampling. With the improved focusing systems, its my guess the 5Diii will produce outstanding results, but again, until we see final images, its hard to say.

Berry (03.03.12, 7:05 PM): Is the Nikon D800 will be the camera of choice now?

Bill (03.03.12, 8:32 AM): I'm sure it's a fantastic camera. It should be interesting to see how this develops. So, whatcha gonna do with your Mark II :)

MIchael Andrew (03.02.12, 2:57 PM): Prices on the 5Dii have really come down, you should be able to find them for $2000 new, so we are really talking about a $1500 difference. It depends on 3 things: 1. Performance 2. Quality of Images 3. Profession of photographer Until I get my hands on one it will be hard to say.

Bill (03.02.12, 1:03 PM): Do you think that it's worth an extra $1000 over an already expensive Mark II? Can't wait to hear your impressions once you get one.......