Alicia (02.07.12, 9:42 AM): ;) I won't even bother. Photographers shouldn't try to just reproduce something.

Michael Andrew (02.06.12, 2:42 AM): @Alicia- Unoriginal? Well- let me know when you are able to reproduce the shot- would love to see it. ;)

Alicia (02.05.12, 7:25 PM): It's a pity something so unoriginal won, but congratulations anyway. At least it's good technically speaking.

Brian Pflanz (01.27.12, 7:02 AM): Congrats Brian-Great photo! Thanks Michael for a great contest! I am proud of my 6th place finish but I am looking forward to the next contest! Thanks for the thumb drive, I will definitely use it a lot!!

chaos2k (01.26.12, 10:28 AM): I am so honored and excited to have won. I feel like a kid. The MA forum community has always been so great to me. Congrats to all the other winners!

Susie (01.26.12, 10:23 AM): Congratulations Brian on this "smokin'! image! LOVE!

Bill (01.26.12, 9:07 AM): Congrats Brian!