Tom (01.21.12, 5:57 PM): World class! Amazing photo ! Freaking aweawesome!!! This outstanding photograph reflects the true passion of a top Photographer towards what you do best. Congratulation Wesley.

Elizabeth (01.21.12, 2:32 AM): Awesome, this is the one I voted amazing!! I've been here before, so it brings back some lovely memories...

Rose (01.20.12, 9:55 PM): Stunning! This was a hard category to vote in with so many gorgeous pictures!

Max (01.20.12, 9:21 PM): Ryan - this is bridal falls in Yosemite.

Max (01.20.12, 9:20 PM): Congratulations Wesley Beautiful light. I was at that exact spot, but unfortunately the light was not good. Have to go back there soon. So beautiful.

Wesley Ng (01.20.12, 7:28 PM): @Laura: It's actually a very flat-looking cloud. The cloud looked less flat a few minutes after I took that picture: @Ryan: Tunnel View, Yosemite National Park. It's an amazing sight to behold!

Ryan (01.20.12, 6:46 PM): Where was this taken?

chaos2k (01.20.12, 9:27 AM): Congrats! beautiful shot

laura (01.20.12, 8:41 AM): What's with that line in the sky?!