kim (02.01.12, 10:50 PM): just posted Day 3, Day 1/2 are on the same post. I like how it forces you to be creative. One of my pictures you can't really tell I'm in it but I'm in it, trust me :)

kim (01.30.12, 5:56 PM): ok I signed up...I'll still post pictures, even if I'm not eligible for the 365 contest. It'd be good to get some feedback :)

Michael Andrew (01.30.12, 2:33 PM): @Kiim- Great to hear! You will need to be in the picture somewhere for it to count. So excited for you to have your camera!

kim (01.30.12, 7:28 AM): I've taken some pictures already but most are of me trying to figure the camera out...they aren't necessarily 365 that ok? They definitely aren't that great but I can post them.

Kim (01.30.12, 7:19 AM): I would've loved to join you this time but I just got my camera, it took forever to ship out. I'm still trying to figure out all the buttons :). I've watched a few segments of your DVD, I didn't realize how much you put into it. Thanks!

MIchael Andrew (01.11.12, 2:43 PM): @ Shelley- Yes! Just go in there and start posting! Best wishes! _ M

Shelley (01.11.12, 10:10 AM): Michael, This may be a dumb question, but how do I enter? I searched the blog for an entry form. In order to join the 365 Project do I just go to the forum and say that I want to participate? I am confused...bear with me! ha!

freppy (01.10.12, 12:17 AM): Woot! Great idea, I am in for the full year!

MIchael Andrew (01.08.12, 4:18 PM): Hi Geneva - I looked in the forum and we dont have anything from you- it may not have gone through. We have regsitered and approved quite a few the last couple days. Thanks!

Geneva (01.08.12, 8:50 AM): Trying to register for the contest and no luck.

Pushka Ben (01.08.12, 8:30 AM): I'm in ! click my name to see my G+ page where I'll be shoving my photos ~ ~

Joey (01.07.12, 2:23 PM): I'm so inspired by your project. This is my first yr of participating in project 365. With this contest of yours, do the images need to be of ourself, or can we add a variety of things each day? I'm also trying to work on a blog. I have one with blogger but it doesn't allow me to add photos the way i want. Do you pay for your website? I am trying one and it says you can pay or get it free on .wordpress (I think) Thanks much, Joey

Ronda (01.07.12, 1:30 PM): I have NEVER done anything like this at all! I am ALL for learning for I am only a year into my business! This is going to be hard being I HATE with a capital H pictures of myself LOL But I am in!

Debashish Kumar (01.07.12, 12:51 PM): Hi, is this open to people outside the US? I am from India.

Joe G (01.07.12, 12:30 PM): I look forward to taking part in this photography exercize/contest. 365 self portraits will get your creative juices flowing.

Rachel | Lively Photography (01.07.12, 10:14 AM): I started a 365 project on January first so I will definitely be joining. This will actually be my second round as I completed my first in Dec 2010. I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge even more!

Nancy (01.07.12, 7:49 AM): I've been wanting to improve my photography and this seems like a good way to do it!! I'm in!

Carrie (01.07.12, 2:04 AM): How exciting. I can't wait to be creative! What a brilliant idea!

Mark Iuzzolino (01.05.12, 9:55 PM): Great prizes, Michael. For anyone who hasn't done so already, go to and check out their contest to give away a sweet Nikon or Canon 85 mm 1.2 lens.

Kathy (01.04.12, 10:04 AM): count me in! :) I've needed some incentive to do this! Thanks!

Natalie (01.03.12, 9:57 PM): I am sooo game! Thanks for the great prizes!! Amazing!

Steve Morovek (01.03.12, 9:46 PM): I have never been so stoked to do a project. What a commitment! Fantastic idea Michael. This is so cool!!!

Pieter (01.03.12, 4:00 PM): Just registered myself to the Forum and took my first picture! Michael, congrats, this is a very good idea! I'll keep you posted through my photos!

Dan (01.03.12, 3:45 AM): Wow... way to motivate people. This might be a New Years resolution I might be able to keep!