mabelkitty (01.02.12, 8:58 PM): I'm so excited to hear the Lighting course is back in the works! Just bought and watched your 580EXii DVD where you mentioned it. Can't wait!

Doug Fulk (01.02.12, 10:45 AM): Buckling down with photoshop is #1. Also, I;m going to go thru your dvd's I've purchased and some of the books purchased over the past few years and write down what I feel are important topics and tips. I'm thinking that writing these down will help me remember more in the field and it will give me a hands on refresher I can refer to if needed when I'm shooting. It's great that you have opened my eyes in so many ways, but ultimately I need to develop my style on my own.

Thad (01.01.12, 10:54 PM): Great list Mike. You should be most proud of your book. I know it took an enormous amount of time and was frustrating, but it turned out great. It motivates me even more to finish my book on Mark.

Steve Morovek (01.01.12, 12:34 PM): We go to a permanent camp ground in Gimli Manitoba called Ukranian Park. It bordres on Lake Winnipeg. Last year we ( son and girlfriend ) started to pay attention to the bird's that were chirping all day. Realized there were SO MANY different types of bird's in our little area. So our goal for 2012 is to take pictures and document the many bird's that reside and fly through our little piece of the world. Also I know there is a Fox den near by as I was able to get some pictures of the Mom and her 2 little ones. My 7D is gonna get a work soon as it warms up here!!