chaos2k (01.01.12, 9:53 AM): happy to have made this cut and with a SOOC image. fingers crossed for next round. great shots everyone

Melda (01.01.12, 8:19 AM): #22 - I love so much ♥ .I love the fire ! #6 - Is stunning.

KN (12.30.11, 9:39 AM): Some great work here... #10 is stunning... also love #28 & #33. I find myself wondering how you/other photographers are defining what an 'abstract/texture' is. Some of the images don't quite seem to fit in this category (at least based on my own personal definition). For next year's contest it would perhaps be helpful to define it?

Karen (12.30.11, 5:49 AM): @Michael...I can totally see that too!! ha ha!!

Georgina (12.30.11, 4:33 AM): Hi. Well done to everyone. My 15 year old daughter was gutted not to make it through to the semi finals with her picture of the bikes in london but we're so proud of her getting through this far when it was her first competition. Well done all.

MIchael Andrew (12.30.11, 4:31 AM): I see a Chipmonk Ready to fight with a green bear rug hanging on the wall behind him

AJ Shiffler (12.30.11, 12:00 AM): heh. rotate picture #3 90° to the right, and it forms something almost completely different.

Max (12.29.11, 10:34 PM): I like # 20 the most. Took me a minuet or two to figure out what it was and I like the composition. I also like 26 - very artistic!

Rose (12.29.11, 10:08 PM): Yes! THANK YOU LORD & thank you Michael!!!

Luis (12.29.11, 9:09 PM): Still the same person as in the sports semifinalists. I guess he should be banned from the contest.

Briana (12.29.11, 5:48 PM): I'm with Michelle; I'm definitely favouring the truly abstract ones. Some stunning work here...My favourite at the moment is number 36, I think.

Luis (12.29.11, 1:04 PM): Check this

Michelle (12.29.11, 12:52 PM): These are all great!! I think to narrow it down closer to 15, you have to pick the shots that are truly abstract and hard to figure out what they are. Hope this helps, I know it must be tough to narrow down all the entries. I think you also need more categories next year, such as architecture and still life.

Brian (12.29.11, 10:19 AM): Thanks Michael!! I am 3 for 3 (3 contests, 3 semi-finalists) since you picked my closeup of the waterfall as a semi-finalist!! You are giving my ego a big boost!

Scott (12.29.11, 5:49 AM): the reflective 3 is amazing