Michael Andrew (12.14.11, 4:31 AM): Thanks for dropping by Richard!

Richard J (12.06.11, 7:13 PM): Michael, just dropping in to say thank you for creating the Canon 7D DVD....its been awesome to assist in my learning of my 7D from my T1i. Just booked a trip to Kona, Hawaii ...hope to capture a few cool shots. We were in Maui last year with the T1i and clicked a few.

BJ (12.06.11, 6:08 AM): I love the fishing photo....did you use a watrerproff housing for the pictures?.......did you have fun??

Kjersti (12.05.11, 1:14 PM): I respect the distance law regarding the whales as well, but I always end up right next to the whales anyway. The legal way to do that is to wait until they come to you. There is no law that states that a whale has to stay 100 yards away from you. I've done it enough to know where to place myself, so they end up coming to me. The problem that people run into is that once the whale comes over, they jump in the water with it. That is illegal. The other problem is that they start chasing the whale which you are not allowed to do. Anything that causes the whale to change direction is pretty much illegal. I do remember your SUP experience :) You will get the hang of it. I just took another friend of mine on Thanksgiving. He was standing up and staying on by the end of our time out there. You will get it. One suggestion about the two man kayak...get a second single kayak and just place them on their side, so they both fit on top of the car. Two man kayaks are just not as much fun. Most of the people I know that have them stop using them and end up with two single kayaks. That is why I sold my two man and purchased two single kayaks.

Sleeve (12.05.11, 6:56 AM): LOL! Looks like you have found another outlet to shoot photos from. I have a long winter here now so I ( we ) look forward to more shots from your Kayak!