Alex Rubio (10.28.11, 12:05 AM): Wonderful work, the spontaneity that you captured is just amazing, love it!

sassy1 (10.27.11, 4:23 PM): Your enthusiasm shows in your work. The emotion of the town both individually and collectively shines through nicely. The boy being "terrified" is visually obvious, the mother who is pleased to share the momentous occasion with her young ones, the unassuming lifestyle - all are captured in a way that looks effortless. Excellent work, you should be very proud. The three children in their natural setting, pink and blue attire, is an outstanding creation of focus, enhancement, and positioning. Besides, they look like kids that are up to something and just got caught. hee hee. Curiousity abounds in their eyes!

Michael Andrew (10.27.11, 4:21 AM): @Martyn- I used both RAW and JPGs on this shoot, most of the processing involved just bumps in Contrast. Some of the RAW images were processed with Paintballer and they should be pretty obvious which ones I did it on. Thanks for the question!

CarrieEB (10.27.11, 2:15 AM): Love the photos. Burma is the flip flop capital of the world - that's the best souvenir to buy from there that and spices.

Martyn (10.27.11, 1:07 AM): The photographs tell a story of a different way of life and your words add body to it. Love the in-sight to another culture. Great shots and colour. Any clues on how you processed?