Teddy Waffles (09.27.12, 1:21 PM): Amazing! I can't believe I never thought of this, and also never have seen this before! just ordered a couple from Amazon. Thanks for the tip! My room is in utter disarray right now, lenses and cables and cases and bags just everywhere. Thanks again.

Nick (10.03.11, 7:07 PM): Can you buy one that's fireproof :)

Punman (09.30.11, 12:26 AM): I love the idea. I have been trying to figure out how I am going to sort and store all of my equipment, and been playing with ideas, but this one I think is definitely going to have to be considered.

Joel Lawrence (09.29.11, 11:12 PM): That's a shoe in!

Alstare (09.29.11, 12:25 PM): Looks handy.. But I still have issues hanging $15k+ in glass 6' in the air from a $12 ebay show rack... ha Plus knowing my luck i would bang it around well using the door.