Oswald Wallen (08.24.11, 4:22 PM): These shots are great! I've learnt a lot from the tips you have given. Great job, keep up the good work. God Bless. Oswald-Jamaica

Alex Rubio (08.23.11, 12:36 AM): Beautiful shots M...!

Jessica O. (08.19.11, 10:13 AM): Amazing shots Michael!

Kyle (08.19.11, 9:57 AM): Great shots.....but my first thought is, Why am I not living in Hawaii???

Andre (08.19.11, 9:40 AM): Thanks for the great tips Michael, these are beautiful shots. I never thought it was worth the money to take a heli flight in Maui but after looking at these shots and your tips next time I am there I will have to reconsider. Did you fly with Alex Air?