rm (07.28.12, 12:40 PM): saw your extender video and am looking for the compatibility chart for which lens work best with 1.4 and 2x extender thanks rosemarie

Vadim (06.18.12, 12:29 PM): will canon x2 iii extender work with 600d and 75-300 usm f4-5.6 lens

Cory (06.17.12, 3:09 PM): http://www.bhphotovideo.com/FrameWork/charts/canon1_4xExtender.html

syam sivanandan (06.10.12, 2:29 PM): hi. plz inform me about my doubt.. hope will get back to me soon

syam sivanandan (06.10.12, 2:11 PM): hi, i want to know If cannon 2x extender work with cannon 18-200mm and 550d.....plz reply

Terry Taylor (06.02.12, 7:49 PM): I am looking for the list of lenses that work well with canon lenses. At the end of the video on Canon Extenders, Michael said that he would post the list on his blog. I searched the blog and did not get any results. Can someone help me find the list? Thanks Terry