Alexandra (06.13.11, 12:15 PM): You make having a small business easy. I may not always comment but I am always reading your blog and forward the link to many of my photog friends. I have struggled with the whole PC v. Mac debate for a long time and am ready to invest in my first Mac, thank you Michael for always thinking of us and posting your reviews.

JVc (06.10.11, 4:57 PM): SSD drives are most definitively worth it, albeit still expensive. Last year I had two dead (standard) HDs replaced due failures after a notebook fell off a table while working... Some systems do have a sensor that detects free falls and locks the HD heads to prevent this sort of damage, but SSD drives avoid this problem altogether. They do heat up a lot less than standard HDs and eat up a lot less battery juice, which means that the system will run for some extra time. PCs are a better choice for some applications (3D graphics for example, which is my thing), but Macs are a great option for several purposes as well (Art, Photo and Video have always been great examples of such). There is no absolute better-in-everything option. Each one is better in its own niche. Congrats on your acquisition! You should most definitively enjoy it!

Alex Rubio (06.10.11, 12:34 PM): Congrats on your new purchase Michael... Did ya get the 15" or the 17" model? Also I assume that you can upgrade the drive right. I might look into upgrading it to SSD in the future... So far I'm loving it. I haven't really used it for working on PS yet because I have a really big PC with large dual monitors, plus I still have to learn all the MAC commands and such. Lookiing forward to iCloud...

John Scott (06.10.11, 11:02 AM): As I use Macs to run my business having the fastest machine I can get within a reasonable budget is money in the bank. Unless you have to have the portability consider one of the new 27" iMacs. I just bought one with an i7, 3.4GHz processor with 8GB of RAM to replace my 2 year old iMac with a 2.66 GHz processor with 4 GB of RAM. The GeekBench speed test rate this as 3X faster for whatever that is worth. Among the real-world improvements I have seen are that when I am editing 20GB RAW images with a brush in Aperture 3 there is no lagging. Everything happens almost instantaneously on this machine so I get more work done in less time. The other advantage is the beautiful 27" monitor. At that size I can really see what I have in an image. For photo and/or video editing you can't beat it. The whole system was only around $2,400.00 and it should last me a number of years.

Hinesh (06.10.11, 10:16 AM): Congrats on the new Mac. You are going to love SSD, it’s so fast, and you will notice such a difference in apps like Photoshop