Alex Rubio (06.03.11, 12:32 PM): Chaos, just remember that Michael was denied entry into Canada when he was carrying his equipment, hehe...

Boz (06.03.11, 10:00 AM): "As a citizen, you want to feel safe were you go correct" - The population is made to feel unsafe due to actions like these officers and the news media. I have an utmost respect for authority, but this is so out of line, and such an abuse of power.

Scott Roeben (06.02.11, 5:46 PM): Infuriating. I give this guy so much credit for fighting the good fight while not losing his temper. He's a hero! "Mountain out of a molehill"?! How are our fundamental rights and freedoms not a mountain? Why is it so hard to train these folks more thoroughly? They're doing the best with what they have, but photographers seem to always get the worst of it for some reason. Keep shooting, people! (I can't tell you how happy it makes me that he doesn't let them bully him into turning off his video recorder.)

chaos2k (06.02.11, 3:33 PM): I just watched both parts. This is brutal and an abuse of power. I'm glad its not this bad in Canada

Mathieu (06.02.11, 2:05 PM): I don't know much about the rights of taking public facilities pictures. But, why is this guy taking pictures of a light rail system? I think the authorities panic because of the so-called "terrorist treat" this thing is out of hands. Even law enforcement, government are acting with emotions about this whole thing, violating the their own laws for the sake of keeping the "country safe" it's the end of the world as we know it.