K.Cox (12.08.08, 2:17 AM): I refused to buy these until they developed a "daylight" version. The only bulb I want to own is of the daylight variety. WalMart.com now has them, you have to order a larger pack, but I was so excited when I learned we can save money and have attractive lighting... ALL at the SAME TIME!

Corne (04.24.08, 6:49 PM): Hi guys I know Im a bit behind the times here but incase you do read the old posts look for the daylight version of eco lamps the a bit more but are not bad for cheap photography lights. Over in NZ these have been available for a few years and they do last more than two years but get weaker as time goes by. We use 16W in general in the house 8W in hallways and I have 4 100W units I use for photography.

Laurie (03.15.08, 2:00 PM): I have used the CFLs for over a year now. I buy the big packs from costco here in Canada. Love them ! You can also get them in "regular" looking lightbulb designs aswell, and we even have then floodlight versions. Our entire home is either CFL lights or LED lights.

Elizabeth (01.03.08, 7:29 PM): Love them! They really do take forever to burn out, and they produce better light. As my 100w bulbs burn out in this house I am in now I have been replacing them with these.

michael andrew (01.03.08, 1:20 PM): Ive only had mine for about 6 months now...has anyone had them for over 2 years?

Mike (01.03.08, 8:48 AM): Those light bulbs are about all we use in our house. Once you get over the funny design, they provide much more natural light and they do save a lot of money. I don't think we've actually had ours last over 2 years, but then again with all the moving I may have lost track. :)