AD (10.18.11, 6:30 PM): Is there a way to share the list and things like that instead of creating them all over again? Please email me.

MIchael The Maven (10.15.11, 10:59 PM): Sure! Just copy and paste the template into an email. Have recipient copy and paste into a new template. We are working on a better solution for this.

AD (10.11.11, 3:21 PM): Is there a way to share the templates with other co workers instead of making brand new ones? Thanks

Lara (02.21.11, 12:53 PM): Just purchased this app, and really looking forward to using it, however, every time I try to open a SAVED template, it crashes on me! Any suggestions?

Darren (02.10.11, 6:21 PM): Great app would like to import images in emails

Betty Penny (01.17.11, 1:23 AM): I purchased the application that you have created only it does not work on my iPad which is version 3. Can you advise as you have excellent applications available to assist business people.

Derrick (01.12.11, 11:59 PM): I needed this for the various requests that I receive from clients. I am always pulling up sent mail and modifying it on my iphone. This will allow me to be more responsive to clients and efficient. Thanks Michael!

John W (01.12.11, 9:43 PM): Fantastic idea Michael! I can use this every single day and I am not a pro photographer. Thank you!

Toby Roybal (01.12.11, 3:23 PM): Very nice Michael! I so want to use this! Now that Verizon has the iPhone I got to see about getting it. You still thinking about creating Android versions?