MIchael Andrew (12.21.10, 3:25 AM): Maui is covered in clouds tonight. We even drove all the way up to Haleakela- it's the first time I have ever been up there and we were still under cloud cover. Bummed I wont be getting any pics of the Eclipse. :( I hope someone else out there had some luck!

George (12.20.10, 11:49 PM): Was really looking forward to "shooting the moon" but i\I'm under heavy cloud cover and it looks like more snow. : ( Will enjoy vicariously through others shots.

ROb (12.20.10, 11:47 PM): Its cold and somewhat cloudy now. Lets hope it clears up for some shots.

Aaron (12.20.10, 1:01 PM): Haleakela? Probably the best spot to take moon shots. 10,000 Feet above sea level, above the clouds! Looking forward to these pics!

Rob (12.20.10, 11:57 AM): I saw something about this yesterday. I should be able to get a few shots as long as the sky stays clear. Thanks for the link~