michael andrew (12.21.07, 7:32 PM): yes everyone....Jill is pregnant. She found out yesterday what it is.....hmmm....any guesses?

Elizabeth (12.21.07, 4:20 PM): OH MY GOODNESS! So cute! And I second Jeni's note, Jill, you are pregnant??? You sure carry it well. I agree with Caroline, that picture of Heidi between Jill's legs is just so precious!

Jeni (12.21.07, 10:41 AM): GREAT pictures!!! Want to see more! And Jill, are you SURE you're really pregnant?? :) Are you having a boy or girl???

Caroline (12.20.07, 9:53 AM): Those pics are SO SO good! I guess my favorite would have to be of Heidi between Jill's legs. Happy Birthday Jill!

Jill (12.20.07, 1:59 AM): Wow, here I am at 2am getting a sneak peek of some of the cute pictures. You did a great job! I can't wait to see the rest. Thank you for the great birthday present!

Eva (12.20.07, 1:17 AM): The pictures of these beautiful children are spectacular Mike!!