Stephen (11.23.10, 7:36 AM): I have four daughters six years old or younger. I've had Xbox and Wii their whole lives but the most I've been able to get them to understand is watching us play viva pinata. The night I got kinect, my girls played the rafting game over and over. They controlled the menus, picked their characters, the games, and it wore them out and they went right to bed. If you have young kids, this is a no brainer. FYI- it didn't see our 2 year old very well. Saw our 4 year old a bit better, saw our 6 year old great.

Alstare Photography (11.19.10, 10:00 PM): Just tried this tonight... Was an absolute blast! Will be on the xmas list this year forsure!

Abraham (11.19.10, 1:47 PM): Michael, please show us a video of you dancing with this thing. =) Show us you got the moves!

Boz (11.19.10, 10:25 AM): Our little guy is right into the Transformers game on Wii right now - I actually find it complicated :P

chaos2k (11.19.10, 9:18 AM): Good to hear you like it. I have bought one for my girls for X-mas so they wont be getting it until them. I also agree it will be a hot item this year this is why I bought it early