Laura (11.17.10, 3:40 PM): Hilarious!!

chaos2k (11.17.10, 1:46 PM): OMG LMBO I love it but so true!

John Scott (11.17.10, 1:04 PM): Now THAT was funny! As a small business owner I could relate to the frustrations of dealing with the public. Professional photography has got to be a very tough game to play. Fortunately none of my customers have any delusions about having the ability to do what I do.

Alex Rubio (11.17.10, 11:45 AM): Hilarious, I bet that is exactly how it is in real life, hehe...

Tom (11.17.10, 10:00 AM): Awesome Michael, can't wait to see the final 10 from each! On a side note, is the business DVD pre selling yet?

Dina (11.17.10, 7:03 AM): too funny!!!