nadeem (08.31.14, 2:42 AM): nice pic where u from?

aniceto rivera (01.12.12, 8:31 PM): your are inspiring photographer,hope more success

Jon (11.08.10, 2:23 AM): This girl is beautiful. Reminds me of taylor swift for some reason.

Harlan (11.02.10, 4:24 PM): Hey Michael. I have since added a 60D and a 70-200 2.8 II to my collection since I got my T2I. LOVE the 60D. Would love to see your video.

Garrett (11.01.10, 11:00 AM): Yeah more and more I am thinking the camera is all about the ISO performance which to me means I need a 5D ;-)

kim (10.31.10, 9:44 PM): what exactly do you mean by quality models?

Cary Dibuono (10.31.10, 2:17 PM): Hi Michael, great shots, like them...

Alex Rubio (10.31.10, 11:50 AM): Very nice shots Michael, in any case you always manage to find the most beautiful models... Is that an airplane in the background of the second shot?

chaos2k (10.31.10, 8:42 AM): beautiful shots

Michael Andrew (10.31.10, 4:06 AM): Ive been working my way through the Main Division SLR images. It is important to me too look at each and every image sent in. This is going to take some time. I will also say, some of the images are absolutely JAW DROPPING CRAZY.