Harlan (11.05.10, 11:44 PM): Man Michael, I am 1 hour into your Speedlite DVD and damn is it good! The lighting information is priceless to me in itself. Plus I love how happy you get when you nail a scene. Glad you leave those in and dont cut away. Cant wait to finish it.

freddie (11.04.10, 4:09 PM): please send me details on how to order this DVD... BIG thanks.

Glen (10.30.10, 2:41 PM): Fishing pole? If you don't change the bait now and then you will always keep getting the same fish/customer Looking forward to the DVD Michael. Nashville was a blast going back soon with my family!

Boz (10.29.10, 5:35 PM): Looking forward to adding this to my MA Crash Course Collection Michael! Fishers Of Men - Fishers of the right clients. Will be great timing over the winter months :D

Abraham (10.29.10, 5:25 PM): I was referring to your other DVDs, such as the APT DVD - worth exponentially more than its price tag. But, I agree completely with your statement! What I like most about you Michael, is your honesty. At least, that's how you come across to me through your DVDs and blog (since we've never met). And what I mean by that is, I trust that you're not just putting fluff on your DVDs and calling it a product, like many people do out there. Keep up the awesome work... And sign me up for this bad boy DVD! =) I hope deep-sea fishing is not part of the exercises in order to learn this material because that's a no can do for me; I'd be throwing up the whole time... =)

Abraham (10.29.10, 4:39 PM): I knew it! J/K ... I cannot wait for these DVDs to come out! Your DVDs are always top notch. I just can't believe you're selling them for such low prices. The information on them is worth exponentially more. But, pretend I didn't just say that. Thanks for all your hard work, Michael!

Michael Andrew (10.29.10, 3:42 PM): @ Abraham - :) Yes, the last answer! The Wedding Crash Course will be a completely separate DVD set- There was too much information to cover everything I wanted to about Business and Weddings on one DVD set, so we split it into 2 projects. The Wedding Photography Crash Course Set should come out sometime next year, and should also run about 7-8 hours.

Abraham (10.29.10, 3:39 PM): Because you can't just sit in your comfort zone at the stream that's by your house and hope to reel in any real catch to make money. To get the big catch and plenty of it, you have to go out to where they are and fight for them. For that, you need professional tools and professional help/direction and know how to find the fish and catch them. It takes a team of people to catch volume of quality fish to bring in serious money. Same concept with brides. OR, the cover could mean to take potential clients to sea and tell them to sign on the dotted line or else they have to swim back home.

Mandy (10.29.10, 2:09 PM): Hey I'm interested in knowing the price and how I can purchase this dvd. Cheers

Tom (10.29.10, 10:42 AM): My question is the same. I thought for some reason there was a wedding DVD coming soon after the business DVD. Maybe I got this wrong. I was hoping for a wedding DVD too. Does this contain the wedding content or is that a separate DVD? Please clarify. THX!

Audrey Coley (10.29.10, 9:43 AM): I know why:) LOL

chaos2k (10.29.10, 8:09 AM): Sounds like its going to be another great dvd M. So if I read this correct the wedding and business dvds are both wraped into this one?