Michael Andrew (10.26.10, 4:55 AM): @ Leah- Thanks Leah! @ Alex- yes, but It depends on how many rows of people there are. If 1-2, its the first row. If 3+ its the second row.

Leah (10.24.10, 10:19 PM): Awwww MIKE!!! This is great! I didn't know you were gonna use these on your website! You seriously are THE BEST!!!! We love having you as our family photographer!! WE wouldn't have anyone else! You always make the shoots so fun & relaxed, and of course create some of the most beautiful pictures ever! We are so Lucky to have you come take pictures of us! Thanks!!! Next photoshoot MAUI!!! :) See you soon! XO

Alex Rubio (10.20.10, 4:39 PM): Hey Michael, how would you focus on a group of people as above using live view?, focus on the face of the person in the middle and give it sufficient apperture? When I try it, I usually only get focus on or near where I set the square...

Alex Rubio (10.20.10, 4:33 PM): Very nice Michael, I can assure you left an incredible impression on the Miami group, we talk about you all the time. Good Job, thanks!

Caroline (10.19.10, 4:59 PM): These pics are great! I love the Tinker's! They are a beautiful family!

Ashley Aynes (10.19.10, 3:27 PM): Great looking family. I know I will treasure the pictures you took for my wedding for my entire life and I know my children and grandchildren will cherish them as well. I'm honored to say you were my wedding photographer and I'm so excited about all your success.