Michael Andrew (09.25.10, 5:33 AM): All computers (and hard drives) will eventually fail, while my Mac wasn't perfect, I was very happy with it and will get another once this one dies completely. 3 years of solid use is a planety of life for a computer. Still waiting to hear from the repair dudes.

Lambton Middlesex Wedding Photography (09.24.10, 4:24 PM): Could be a good thing??? Think you'll get a replacement since it's under warranty? I've heard of that happening :D ps, just finished judging a photo contest - I do not envy your job October 16th !

justin (09.24.10, 11:23 AM): sorry to hear about that. you should tell Rockwell that. he always preaches how great apple PCs are and how he never lost any data in 10 yrs. 3 yrs is not a lot of time.

Bill (09.24.10, 9:27 AM): bummer...