stephen jay (10.12.10, 2:17 PM): These pics are waw! Feel almost as if i can touch whats in the picture ...

Jen (09.30.10, 10:58 PM): I want that camera! :)

K Justice (09.26.10, 1:54 PM): I didn't realize the deadline was so close! OMG! I'd better get moving. AH!

Rod Stroh (09.24.10, 3:24 PM): I'm very new to digital photography but am honored to participate in this great opportunity. Up to now I'v displayed my photography on YouTube in the form of slideshows set to music. Type strohaven, all lower case in the search box if your interested. Thanks for this great contest...!

Boz (09.23.10, 10:56 PM): I'm sure there will be a Huge Chunk of entries Michael - I even had someone come up to me last night about this a Meet The Teacher Night at my kids school! It's going to be a Great Contest - I know I'll be send ing something in too. Thank you for the opportunity!