Tom (09.23.10, 4:54 PM): Hey Michael, I hope you've been all the way down south to la perouse bay. There are some really cool places right along the water on the way down and la perouse can have some incredible waves about 1/4 mile further down from where the parking lot ends. Check it out if you haven't already.

MIckey (09.21.10, 11:59 AM): I had a day like the recent post, yesterday in the redwoods....bah! I didn't bring my camera to record the perfect Indian Summer day!

Shannon Wimberly (09.21.10, 7:26 AM): Very nice Michael!!!!! Is there another brand of filters you would recommend? B&H says they are out of stock.

Pamela (09.21.10, 3:22 AM): Can yuou rub some of that off on me! I would love to be stress free for a day!