chaos2k (09.21.10, 4:34 PM): beautiful sunset shots Mike

Alex Rubio (09.18.10, 2:14 PM): Michael, sorry, the correct product link is:

Alex Rubio (09.18.10, 2:09 PM): Awesome shots Michael, take a look at this company: they developed a softbox with an adapter for the 580 EXII, really great for these shots, I was tempted in getting one. A friend if mine gave me a DVD by David Guy Maynard (Location Lighting With Speedlites) where he explains in detail how to shoot using these softboxes into sunsets. Check it out and let me know what you think. I have a question regarding the setup diagram, is speedlite #3 directly pointed at subjects without difussion? Thanks again Michael...!!!

Dee (09.17.10, 3:40 PM): Thanks for posting the setup M. Somehow for these shots I like the normal ones better. Well, thats just a personal preference. Thanks

Michael Andrew (09.17.10, 1:44 PM): @ George- It's the contrast control of our web browser, sometimes this happens with Mobile Devices and they assign black to darker greys. I can see the rocks fine with Safari and Firefox on my laptop.

george (09.17.10, 12:23 PM): i must be missing something because the rocks still look way underexposed in the final product. not as bad as the first shots, but still can't see any details. otherwise, they look great.

Lesley D (09.17.10, 9:18 AM): Very nice! Thanks for posting this!