Boz (08.05.10, 6:34 AM): I'm just having to send in my 50D, apparenty the issue is rather common - the main shutter button no working. Thank goodness for the second button on the battery grip :) One really simple way to insure your camera equiptment is to simply put a rider on your home insurance - the cost is not so bad at all. I understand your point though Michael, I am more apt to take the risk too - the insurance option is more for accidental damage for me. I Really don't like the idea of going to a wedding having a looming thought that someone here is going to steal my equiptment...somehow I don't think I'd get the best expressions out of people that way :O

Michael Andrew (08.04.10, 6:41 PM): ...and the reason being, is I would rather use that same money for other things, (new lens, marketing, etc).

Michael Andrew (08.04.10, 6:41 PM): It's a good point and is something every photographer has to decide. Theft insurance typically requires more coverage for the more gear you have.Over the years I learned the best defense against theft is to be super careful. For me personally, I am ok taking this risk, but I know it isn't for everyone.

mbonin83 (08.03.10, 3:31 PM): Michael, besides being extremely aware of where your gear is at all times, and taking all necesarry precautions, why wouldn't you recommend insurance in case someone steals some of your gear. No matter how many precautions one takes, there is always going to be an opportunity for a thief to get something...