Alex Rubio (07.13.10, 9:29 AM): Hi Michael, I finally received my phone yesterday. I was able to reproduce the antenna issue, although not on a call, maybe like they say it is just a visual thing, the software not displaying the bars right and giving a false reading. Here is how I did it, notice towards the bottom portion of the unit, on both the left side and the right side there is a thin line. If you cover that line as well as the other one, for a few seconds, you will notice the bars will start to degrade, mine will go about half way down. As soon as you release it, it will quickly go back to full bars. Again, I have NOT tried this while on a call, so I cannot confirm that call quality will be affected. Check it out, let me know what you think... I have looked at some of the features and the phone is amazing, the visual quality, the sharpness is incredible...

Alex Rubio (06.27.10, 10:22 PM): Hi Michael, I pre-ordered/purchased the iPhone 4 via Apple web site on June 21st, expected ship date is July 14th... Little disapointed on the length of time for shipping. I'll let you know my thougths when I get it. Thanks for you r input as always.

Anthony (06.27.10, 9:57 AM): Opps, didn't know it didn't do paragraphs. Sorry for it looking all like jumbo!

Anthony (06.27.10, 9:56 AM): I've had the phone since launch and am able to replicate the problem but it's not a huge issue for me. Even with the bars dropping the call quality does not degrade. Apple Insider had information about how the new iPhone 4 OS is calibrating the signal differently and that may be why we're seeing the signal drop so much. Rumors is that Apple will be releasing a new firmware/software soon (possibly Monday) to address this issue. The whole losing bars things is nothing new and happens to ALL phone. Here's an article with video demonstrating the lose of signal when held. All things aside, I LOVE the new Retina Display. Everything (that supports it) is so SHARP! Next favorite feature is FaceTime. Overall I'm enjoying the phone.

michael andrew (06.26.10, 12:56 PM): I haven't been able to consistently reproduce this effect yet, I think I must be doing it wrong. So far I have had no problem at all making calls.

Mike Cruz (06.26.10, 5:01 AM): Do you have the signal loss when holding it with your left hand? Or when touching the lower left corner of the phone?