Alex Rubio (06.20.10, 9:47 PM): Yes Michael, got it, thanks...!

Michael Andrew (06.20.10, 5:56 PM): @ Alex- Newsletter went out today- Did you get it? :)

Alex Rubio (06.19.10, 1:11 PM): Nice work M, looking forward to the APT DVD. BTW, If I'm not mistaken I signed up for the newsletter sometime last year. Would you confirm please?, I don't want to create dupes for ya...

Daniel (06.19.10, 1:59 AM): Is there an overview of the techniques used in this DVD? Will High Key (high note) be shown as well? And what about some "CSI Miami" shoots? Definately like those colors! (Or are they using your Photoshop actions, Michael?)

Dad (06.19.10, 12:38 AM): Great tips. I am anxious to see the Advanced Photography Techniques DVD.

Rob (06.18.10, 8:45 PM): Great video m. Looking forward to the DVD