kelly Kardos (05.31.10, 11:18 AM): I'm exhausted just reading what you are doing. Good luck Michael on everything.

Michael Andrew (05.22.10, 11:23 AM): Hi Cheryl- Yes, the Xsi and Xs are very, very similar. The Xsi DVD is the one you want.

Cheryl (05.19.10, 5:00 PM): I just bought a Canon xs not the xsi. Is it pretty much the same? And I know very little about how to use this camera, especially all the computer stuff so I am going to order your dvd

Allen (05.18.10, 11:34 PM): I love this site..... Just bought the Canon XSI, and needed some help getting started. So excited - Well done Sir...... I will spread the word

Kyle (05.18.10, 11:19 PM): Michael's DVD's are excellent. The last one I ordered was the Photoshop Crash Course DVD and there is SO MUCH good information. They are very well done and you always learn a lot. Keep up the great work Michael!

Joseph (05.18.10, 9:44 PM): I am taking your word for the Photoshop Crash Course being your best training video. I just ordered a copy. Good fortune on your projects!

Tracy (05.18.10, 12:00 PM): Well Mike at least no one can ever call you lazy! I love how you make the most of every opportunity to you've created for yourself. Good Luck with all these projects!!!

Dan (05.18.10, 9:16 AM): Sounds exciting - looking forward to seeing what's coming down the pipeline! But please... don't burn yourself out. We'd rather you be healthy and have your projects released later. that's ok!