Thomas (06.07.10, 6:11 PM): I don't think its the device itself that is the target of hate as you say. I think its the ideal behind it. Personally I think advances in the tech field are great, to a certain extent, then it becomes a question of whether it makes my life easier or is it just one more thing to maintain? Personally I don't always agree with trends and growth. Sometimes I think it shows a lack of appreciation for what is.

Michelle (05.20.10, 2:33 PM): Well, I know the reason I keep giving Robbie crap about his iPad is that I'm jealous...he needs to get one for me;) Love my iPhone, for the record

Michael Andrew (05.18.10, 12:45 AM): Alex- is Eyewitness the complete name of the app?

Alex Rubio (05.16.10, 1:32 AM): Wekcome to iPad Michael!, heck of a product eh?, I strongly reccomend "Eyewitness", and to be amazed at the capabilities of iPad, take a look at "Star Walk". Let me know what you think...

Michael Andrew (05.15.10, 1:13 PM): I appreciate the honest response Doug- Never thought of it that way. I don't believe having an Apple product makes me better than someone else who doesn't (but I can see how this can be taken as some clearly do) - I just think Apple makes great products and want to spread the love, like offering someone a glass of Orange Juice!

Dad (05.14.10, 11:59 PM): I think BMW is like that too. Haven't decided to hate the drivers, the company or both. Maybe environmentalists also, pretty arrogant sometimes. Come to think on it - I could make one hell of a list.

Doug (05.13.10, 3:06 PM): I’ll tell you why I think people HATE on Apple; it’s the unnecessary arrogance from the company and, at times, possibly inadvertently, the users of their products. When smug people look down on me because they think the product they bought makes them superior, that is a product and a mindset I want nothing to do with!

Andy Lewis (05.12.10, 10:23 PM): I love my I pad, got it the first day and use ti everyday for business and pleasure. It IS NOT just a big I phone.!! for pdf support or any documents the good reader app is awesome. Love it, steve jobs for president

Rob (05.12.10, 5:01 PM): Rumor has it they have the right for iPhone 3g and 3gs. The 4g is a different phone. It will be interesting if apple jumps through this loophole.

Elizabeth (05.12.10, 3:24 PM): 'rights', not 'right'...sorry

Elizabeth (05.12.10, 3:24 PM): Bill- ATT has a contract with Apple for exclusive right to the iPhone until 2012.

Bill (05.12.10, 1:14 PM): Does anybody know if Verizon will ever get the Iphone? Or do I need to get a Droid? All the great things I hear about an Iphone makes me want to switch right now. Michael, is it true with the Mac Book Pro that you can switch over to a PC mode? does that mean that I could install my PC version of CS3 and be in business? Sorry about all the Apple questions, but you started it :)

Rob (05.12.10, 12:36 PM): I think the ipad and the iphone are great tools. Unfortunately, Apple has restricted people from tapping into it full potential. They govern and control all that is allowed on them. Including your freedom to choose what carrier to use. Maybe thats is why droid is coming on so strong in the market. Its yours when you purchase it, not yours and Steve's... In the end , I love the technology, just not the company producing it.