Sheila Wright (05.14.10, 12:25 PM): Very beautiful photos

Alex Rubio (05.07.10, 7:33 PM): Fantastic, they look great Michael... Looking forward to this DVD, I'll be there for the pre order, you know it! I'm amazed how much better I'm shooting with the 7D, versus the XSi using your techniques... Thanks M!

April (05.05.10, 5:52 PM): Great images!!

Michael Andrew (05.05.10, 2:13 PM): All three of these images were taken with the 7D.

mbonin83 (05.05.10, 6:00 AM): I will be buying this as soon as it's available on pre-order! Thanks Mike

James McQuiggan (05.05.10, 5:45 AM): What kind of techniques are you planning on adding to this DVD? or do you not want to say based on your previous posts regarding the "App-issues" I'm looking forward to this DVD!

Ron (05.05.10, 12:12 AM): Great shots, Michael. just curious, what camera did you use on these shots? 5DII or 7D?

Dad (05.04.10, 11:05 PM): Beautiful shots.