Randy B (07.15.10, 7:34 PM): So Cool! Iwant to know who the music is from. Def a T2i would be the way 2 go

Michael Andrew (04.30.10, 12:53 PM): I think there is a niche market available here for lower budget film-making. This is a really nice alternative to renting a full size helicopter.

mark Iuzzolino (04.30.10, 11:15 AM): Is there a market for this? Can you make decent money? The learning curve on flying these RC Heli's is huge.

Dad (04.30.10, 2:46 AM): I love this. Do they have a model that fires rockets?

Michael Andrew (04.30.10, 12:28 AM): I dont think he's worried about focusing it, just shoot at a smaller aperture. There is a possible work around, but I dont think all the trouble would be worth it. Shoot at f8-11, focus on infinity, you should be good.

chaos2k (04.29.10, 9:29 PM): thats Awesome! I want one...lol

Abraham (04.29.10, 4:51 PM): Michael, how would you focus the video ? Is there a video auto-focus feature on the 7D?

Kyle (04.29.10, 1:54 PM): Very nice. I think it's time for the Maven to get a mini helicopter!

Kelly (04.29.10, 1:34 PM): So Cool!