Alex Rubio (03.31.10, 7:09 PM): Sounds like a plan...!

J.P. (03.30.10, 9:35 PM): Fair enough. Again, I don't mean to intend any harm. Let's all just enjoy our cameras and shoot great memories :)

Alex Rubio (03.30.10, 8:03 PM): J.P., I understand your point of view, but in your first post you said "Before you blast the camera, make sure you know how to use it first." and on your second one "Please make sure you know what you are talking about before you post such incorrect information." It clearly sounded harsh. As a great majority of us know Michael personally, he has years of experience in his field and an honest mistake can happen. He has always made corrections to himself, it is hardly a misguidance... No hard feelings, just look around, buy a few of his DVDs, attend some of his seminars, then you might be able to make a comment with a solid background. Enjoy the blog...

cindy (03.30.10, 2:09 PM): It was an honest mistake on both parts. When I first read the comments, it did seem like a personal attack. Ive been reading Michael's blog for years, not the type of person I would be quick to label misguided or misinformed, especially about photography. Easy to see what happened, he probably owns 10 different Canons. He even left his error up- most bloggers would delete that in a heartbeat. Just goes to show his intentions are good.

Bill (03.30.10, 1:55 PM): the funny thing about trying to communicate via a blog or an email, is that the readers can't always differentiate the intended tone of the writers comments. JP, i give you the benefit of the doubt......good information. As for Michael, he has my complete confidence.......he's an excellent resource for us photogs! Keep up the good work MA!

J.P. (03.30.10, 1:04 PM): It's funny how all of you are taking this as an attack. It was correcting the misguided information so that other people who were interested in the camera, do not get led the wrong direction and go another route. It's really not a big deal, I just wanted to enlighten those who were actually interested. I found this camera to be a great investment. I was initially looking at a 7D, but it was above my price range with glass and all. Therefore, this camera works IMO just as good as the 7D. The main differences (build, fps, etc) are not a huge concern for me. Hope this helps clarify since some people are getting insulted when there's no reason to. I hope you can see what my POV is rather than just taking it as an attack. Ultimately, I'm writing to clarify issues of potential buyers. Cheers!

Pete (03.30.10, 12:12 PM): Wow...

Amber Charleston (03.30.10, 11:44 AM): I trust Michael's opinion. I would also say he has a freaking wealth of accurate knowledge in his big ol noggin, so if you assume that he doesn't because of one little control on a camera, then maybe you are the one who is misguided. It's kinda sad that you would attack someone like that.

Christine (03.30.10, 11:36 AM): Isn't there a way to raise a possible correction to the information without being rude? There is no need for rudeness.

J.P. (03.30.10, 11:22 AM): I feel if someone is to put their trusted name on an issue that they have very little knowledge on, they are welcoming this behaviour (I'm from Canada, and this is how we spell it here lol). The reason why I put my $0.02 on this issue is because this can deter people who trust his opinion from getting a very functional camera that has everything he criticized about without the need of any form of update.

Robert (03.30.10, 11:03 AM): The sharks are in the water this

DN (03.30.10, 10:20 AM): Why are the two posters below so negative? A lot of people learn from Michael's blog so don't claw at him if you disagree. If you purchased any of his DVD's, he does a lot of research so he is a trusted source. If he misspoke then raise the issue tactfully and we will all learn from this. Don't condemn the guy for trying to help others learn, he is also learning too!

Kev (03.30.10, 9:38 AM): This post is completely wrong. You can easily change the ISO in video mode. The author of this blog obviously did not read the manual, or even attempt to read it.

J.P. (03.30.10, 9:13 AM): One more thing to note from a comment from Pete below, max ISO is for stills, whereas in video, you have a choice of auto ISO, or a range of 100-6400 as I mentioned below. Again, this camera is loaded with features that only cameras with double the price or more have. Please make sure you know what you are talking about before you post such incorrect information.

J.P. (03.30.10, 9:08 AM): I think you're misguided. When you put it into manual mode (Video), you have control over shutter speed through the dial, aperture settings through the dial while pressing AV with your thumb, and ISO can be set by pushing the ISO button and scrolling the dial. You have the choice of auto ISO or from 100-6400 in video mode. Before you blast the camera, make sure you know how to use it first.

Pete (03.30.10, 12:03 AM): I thought the manual mode was in auto iso, but canon also put a feature in that allows the user to set a max iso. This is just what I read. Surely they wouldn't advertise that and not put such an important feature on the camera.